My Little Pony Overview

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I thought I might share my thoughts on the show and the fandom.

I still remember the day; February 18, 2011. My friend linked me a picture from a site called “Knowyourmeme”. It wasn’t a pony picture he linked, but something totally different. I clicked around on the site and discovered this “My little pony” article. My first thought was it’s some new kids show, and that they did a good job with the art style. So I gave the show a go. I watched the first few episodes and was surprisingly impressed.

My interest in modern cartoons from 2000 onwards was limited. I grew up with Reboot and Animaniacs, and I felt that newer cartoons couldn’t compare to these. However, MLP was a good example that even shows made today can be enjoyable.

So, for those who don’t watch the show; What makes MLP worth watching?

There are many qualities the show has, and I’m sure everyone has a different opinion. While I don’t think there is one quality that outweighs the others, I definitely think that well developed characters that feel believable, is a great example of why the show is a success.

The voice actors and actresses fit well for their characters. The writers do a great job making sure these characters always feel fresh. Every episode shows something new about a character that’s entertaining.

Another great feature of the show is the music. While I wasn’t too fond of musicals in shows growing up, I enjoy the amount of energy the songs bring to the show.

My Little Pony has always been designed as a show for girls, however, the 2011 show was created with a larger audience in mind. Specifically speaking, children and their parents.
Many shows designed for girls are commonly associated with pink. Usually quite a lot of pink too. To reach a larger audience, the show features a wider variety of color.

While tv commercials for toys, and the toys themselves are still marketed the same way since 1983 (When MLP was first created), the show itself is very different.

The show being entertaining is just one aspect of it. Every episode teaches a life lesson – something we could all pay more attention to. For example: In the episode “Dragonshy”, Fluttershy, a timid pegasus pony, is afraid to face an enormous dragon. She gains the courage to stand up to it once it knocks her friends out of the way.
In “Baby cakes”, Pinkie Pie, a bouncy party loving pony, learns how difficult responsibility can be for taking care of two babies while the parents are out.

Every episode can show examples of life lessons we should be familiar with. These are not limited to teaching children, but to adults as well. It’s something that is well talked about among the fandom too. The show has inspired multiple charities, including
Overall, the fandom has raised thousands of dollars for charity.

Every fan of the show is different. Some like to just watch the show, others like to make art, some enjoy creating music…the list goes on. The community is very diverse.

Overall, MLP-FiM is a well made, positive show with a broad fanbase. I think if the fans of the show are inspired to do acts of kindness, tolerance, and charity, that’s doing the world some good. More importantly, showing examples of these things in every day situations is setting a good example for others.

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Pinkie Pie Drive – Big Apple Ponycon Poster

I made this one a few months ago for Big Apple Ponycon. It turned out better than I was expecting. However, I found it too dark to be a poster. It works better as a wallpaper than it does for print. Full view here:

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The Ticket Master Poster

New poster is done! The Ticket Master. I worked slowly over a few weeks to finish it.
Click it for more info and a full download!
Also, I added a Bronies for Good emblem in the poster’s design, check out their website for more details:
Please consider donating to help them out!

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Studio B / DHX Thank You Poster

So after many months of hard work, finally, the day has come to reveal this super big poster project!:

If you click the image above, you’ll be redirected to deviantART, which has the full story about this poster. Furthermore, there’s a progression image that has even more info about the development.

Since all that info is already covered, here are some more bonus trivia and fun facts about this project:

  • The total size of all the files and folders in this project weighs 5.49gb
  • The dimensions of the full poster print were: 22638 x 12856, which was a 41.7mb PNG
  • I used Paint tool Sai for most of the concept and rough stages of the design, then vectored everything in Adobe Flash, exported to PNG from Illustrator, and finally compiling all the layers into Photoshop.
  • Since the Photoshop document was 1.12gb, it took quite a while to save.
    Every “CTRL + S” would take about 2 minutes. I even recorded a video of it here.
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The Last of Ponibooru

Image: The last uploaded images of ponibooru.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Ponibooru will close soon – Or maybe it already has depending on when you read this.

It’s been one of the most popular image sites for bronies. I’ve certainly used it many times to both view and upload art.
The images from Ponibooru will be transferred over to “” – A similar site to Ponibooru.

Here are two screenshots of all the uploads I made to Ponibooru. Which should be avalible to view on
All Ponibooru links on this website will be broken when Ponibooru goes offline.

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Cookbook Banner

I made this banner for a cookbook website found right here:
I think the website owner said he was making pony related cookbook recipes.

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Some RD Sketches

I made these a while ago – I thought I might share them since I haven’t posted anything in a while. Still need to keep practicing!

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Today, One Year Ago…

February 18th 2011 was the day I found out about My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic.

Here’s how it began:

I was on Facebook IM with a friend who sent me a link to an image from the meme “The World of David the Gnome” on knowyourmeme.
I’d never been to knowyourmeme before, so I started browsing the site.
I looked at the current trending memes and saw “My Little Pony” as the number 1 spot. Out of curiosity, I clicked it. My first impressions of the images was that I liked the art style that was used.
I saw some videos on youtube and started watching the episodes in order starting from the first episode.
After watching the first episode I was convinced that the show had potential. So I watched some more episodes.
When I got to about the 4th episode I was enjoying it so much I wanted to show my friends.
At the time, none of my friends had watched it. As you could imagine, it wasn’t easy explaining why a show about ponies could be worth watching.

A few weeks went by and eventually most of my friends either saw it out of curiosity or ended up liking the show.
So in conclusion, that’s how it all started!

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A Strange Coincidence

  When I was designing the January Bronycon poster, I used the Times Square giant screen as a reference point to place Pinkie Pie.
One month later, Hasbro decides to advertise My Little Pony using Pinkie Pie on the same screen too.

More info here:

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Bronycon Poster – January

Here’s one of my latest posters.  I actually made this in 4 days. I really didn’t have a lot of time to work on it, but I think it came out good for the amount of time I had to work on it.

Click it to see the deviation version.

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