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Sonic Rainboom Wallpaper

I made this today. Full details can be found here:  

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Derpy Mail

I decided to make a letter today. I thought about making a Derpy stamp since she delivers mail. Then I made a letter addressed to Rarity, and finally, I thought about putting an ink stamp of the brony emblem. You … Continue reading

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Fluttershy Scream

I just finished making this in Flash: Taken from “Green isn’t your color”. Making these animated gifs are not easy. Often they have speckles in them (known as dithering), and sometimes reach big file sizes.  

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First post on Rainbow Dash!

So here it is! Finally, I have made a website good enough for public viewing. This site is designed for bronies or any fan of the show “My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic”. I’ll be posting my drawing progess … Continue reading

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