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Glow DJ P0N-3

I made this back in April. I had plans to animate it, but I haven’t found the time to do so yet. I may animate it sometime in the future.

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My first MLP drawing

Do you know what this is? This is my first drawing of a MLP-FiM pony! Drawn on February 22 – 4 days after I discovered the show on Click the image to see the comment in it’s natural habitat.

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MLP Magazine – German

As seen on Ponychan, there’s a MLP magazine availible in Germany. Scans were provided of some of the pages. I decided to help out by putting them all together into a PDF: EDIT: I’ve attempted to translate the first … Continue reading

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Fall Weather Friends Movie Poster

Here’s my 3rd movie poster. Click it for more details and a higher resolution version.

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Song on Ponychan Kinda difficult to explain this one… A random song started playing on this thread on ponychan, so I made a quick little animation about it. And that’s about it. Here’s the related thread:

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Boast Busters Movie Poster

After a week, and a lot of hard work, I have finished my 2nd movie poster! Full details can be found right here:

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