Monthly Archives: June 2011

Derpy mug arrives!

My Derpy hooves mug just got here, and I’ve just finished drinking some hot asian curry soup out of it!

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Griffon the Brush Off Movie Poster

I finally finished my fouth movie poster, click to see a larger version.

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DS Illustrations

I just drew these on my DS. Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applebloom, and Rarity.

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Bronytoons Teaser Trailer

[youtube WjG0t3p_CAQ] I’ve finally finished animating this teaser trailer. It’s taken a while to get just right, but it’s good that we’ve achived this. Keep an eye out for more bronytoons works on various pony websites

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Derpy Mug Purcase

I created a Derpy mug design at today. It’ll be shipped and at my door by June 20th. Looking forward to it!

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