Twilight’s Rainy Night

I saw the poll results on EqD for:
You are stuck in your house during a thunder storm with one pony. Who would you want it to be?
Twilight got the most votes. So I decided to draw this:

It came out a lot darker than I wanted, but I guess it looks better that way. I wanted to get the lighting right.

The full image is 1280 x 720.

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New Chatbar

You may have noticed there is now a chat bar at the lower right of the page. It’s sort of a test run experiment. I used to have a comment system instead, but 99.9% of the messages I got were spam.

Hopefully this way will make it easier for anyone viewing the site to communicate!
If I’m online and you have a question, feel free to chat! Alternativly, Sending me a note on deviantART is faster.

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An Update

What I’m working on now:

  • A secret project – It’s the biggest thing I’ve worked on so far, but I cannot say anything about it at this point.
  • Vector builds for Bronytoons.

More Updates:

Unrelated to pony, I’ve been playing Wakfu – A free MMORPG Beta.
I recently pre-ordered Super Mario 3D Land, and Skyward Sword.
While I await these, I’ve been trying a new challenge on Twlight Princess:
Cave of Ordeals, 3 hearts, no shield, no recovery items. I’ve been broadcasting this in between artwork sessions, at my channel.

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Animal Crossing Designs

I ‘ve never really made a design in Animal Crossing before. But I really wanted to make some pony designs, and, here they are! I’ll probably make more.

These designs were made in “Animal Crossing – Let’s go to the City”, the Australian version.


EDIT: New Luna design!
Edit: Twilight Sparkle!

If you want any of these, send me a note on deviantart.

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Official Bronycon Poster

Here it is! I’ve been working on this for a few weeks. Several copies were printed at the event. Click the image, then click download image to grab the large size.
If you want the FULL size poster, click here:


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Scootaloo Sleep

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Here are two mysterious ponies. Who are they?
I won’t say who they are, but I will tell you they will be seen in an upcoming deviation on deviantART.

Still can’t guess? Here’s a hint: You will see the artwork on September 24.

– Timon1771

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MLP FiM DVD & Blu Ray Inserts!

Click Here to download the DVD Cover
Click Here to download the Blu Ray Cover

After 2 long days, I finally finished these designs! I drew up the artwork, vectorized them, and added it to the layouts.
I wish the deadline wasn’t so soon, I wanted to put more effort into it – but this is the best I can do in such a small time frame.

More info can be found here:


Please Note: The two lines in each corner of the artwork are “Crop marks”. After these are printed, line up your ruler with these, and cut carfully across to trim them.


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An update

I’ve been quite ill for the past 16 days. An ongoing issue inside my stomach has kept me from doing a lot.
I think I ate some poorly cooked fish.

My HDTV died on me a few weeks ago too. Since the repair costs were practically the cost of a new tv, I decided to skip the repairs and buy a new 32 inch Sony Bravia.

Lastly, I found this meme on ponibooru of Dash sitting and watching a blank screen. I decided to add the bouncing DVD logo. Pretty cool that whoever made this meme also added my movie poster in the background – Thank you!

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Derpy mug arrives!

My Derpy hooves mug just got here, and I’ve just finished drinking some hot asian curry soup out of it!

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