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An Update

What I’m working on now: A secret project – It’s the biggest thing I’ve worked on so far, but I cannot say anything about it at this point. Vector builds for Bronytoons. More Updates: Unrelated to pony, I’ve been playing … Continue reading

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An update

I’ve been quite ill for the past 16 days. An ongoing issue inside my stomach has kept me from doing a lot. I think I ate some poorly cooked fish. My HDTV died on me a few weeks ago too. … Continue reading

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Bronytoons Teaser Trailer

[youtube WjG0t3p_CAQ] I’ve finally finished animating this teaser trailer. It’s taken a while to get just right, but it’s good that we’ve achived this. Keep an eye out for more bronytoons works on various pony websites

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Song on Ponychan

http://tinyurl.com/3tuu4fn Kinda difficult to explain this one… A random song started playing on this thread on ponychan, so I made a quick little animation about it. And that’s about it. Here’s the related thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/arch/res/29354.html#i29354

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Applebloom Jump!

I made a quick flash animation based on someone’s post on ponychan. Since I cant find it again, they are the ones who came up with the idea, I just put it together. Animation: http://bit.ly/Applebloomjump

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Fluttershy Scream

I just finished making this in Flash: Taken from “Green isn’t your color”. Making these animated gifs are not easy. Often they have speckles in them (known as dithering), and sometimes reach big file sizes.  

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