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Pinkie Pie Drive – Big Apple Ponycon Poster

I made this one a few months ago for Big Apple Ponycon. It turned out better than I was expecting. However, I found it too dark to be a poster. It works better as a wallpaper than it does for … Continue reading

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The Ticket Master Poster

New poster is done! The Ticket Master. I worked slowly over a few weeks to finish it. Click it for more info and a full download! Also, I added a Bronies for Good emblem in the poster’s design, check out … Continue reading

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Studio B / DHX Thank You Poster

So after many months of hard work, finally, the day has come to reveal this super big poster project!: If you click the image above, you’ll be redirected to deviantART, which has the full story about this poster. Furthermore, there’s … Continue reading

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Some RD Sketches

I made these a while ago – I thought I might share them since I haven’t posted anything in a while. Still need to keep practicing!

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A Strange Coincidence

  When I was designing the January Bronycon poster, I used the Times Square giant screen as a reference point to place Pinkie Pie. One month later, Hasbro decides to advertise My Little Pony using Pinkie Pie on the same … Continue reading

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Bronycon Poster – January

Here’s one of my latest posters.  I actually made this in 4 days. I really didn’t have a lot of time to work on it, but I think it came out good for the amount of time I had to … Continue reading

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Twilight’s Rainy Night

I saw the poll results on EqD for: “You are stuck in your house during a thunder storm with one pony. Who would you want it to be?” Twilight got the most votes. So I decided to draw this: It … Continue reading

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New Chatbar

You may have noticed there is now a chat bar at the lower right of the page. It’s sort of a test run experiment. I used to have a comment system instead, but 99.9% of the messages I got were … Continue reading

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An Update

What I’m working on now: A secret project – It’s the biggest thing I’ve worked on so far, but I cannot say anything about it at this point. Vector builds for Bronytoons. More Updates: Unrelated to pony, I’ve been playing … Continue reading

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Animal Crossing Designs

I ‘ve never really made a design in Animal Crossing before. But I really wanted to make some pony designs, and, here they are! I’ll probably make more. These designs were made in “Animal Crossing – Let’s go to the … Continue reading

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