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Today, One Year Ago…

February 18th 2011 was the day I found out about My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic. Here’s how it began: I was on Facebook IM with a friend who sent me a link to an image from the meme … Continue reading

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A Strange Coincidence

  When I was designing the January Bronycon poster, I used the Times Square giant screen as a reference point to place Pinkie Pie. One month later, Hasbro decides to advertise My Little Pony using Pinkie Pie on the same … Continue reading

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New Chatbar

You may have noticed there is now a chat bar at the lower right of the page. It’s sort of a test run experiment. I used to have a comment system instead, but 99.9% of the messages I got were … Continue reading

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An Update

What I’m working on now: A secret project – It’s the biggest thing I’ve worked on so far, but I cannot say anything about it at this point. Vector builds for Bronytoons. More Updates: Unrelated to pony, I’ve been playing … Continue reading

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An update

I’ve been quite ill for the past 16 days. An ongoing issue inside my stomach has kept me from doing a lot. I think I ate some poorly cooked fish. My HDTV died on me a few weeks ago too. … Continue reading

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Derpy mug arrives!

My Derpy hooves mug just got here, and I’ve just finished drinking some hot asian curry soup out of it!

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Bronytoons Teaser Trailer

[youtube WjG0t3p_CAQ] I’ve finally finished animating this teaser trailer. It’s taken a while to get just right, but it’s good that we’ve achived this. Keep an eye out for more bronytoons works on various pony websites

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First post on Rainbow Dash!

So here it is! Finally, I have made a website good enough for public viewing. This site is designed for bronies or any fan of the show “My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic”. I’ll be posting my drawing progess … Continue reading

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